The Australian Afghan Hassanian Youth Association

Account Name: AAHYA
BSB: 062107
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The Australian Afghan Hassanian
Youth Association (AAHYA)

Our vision is for a multicultural Australia, where people from all backgrounds live vibrant and full lives 

THE Australian Afghan Hassanian Youth Association (AAhyan)

was created in 2006 in response to community needs and has since grown to work with people all across New South Wales, with over 80 volunteers and 12 members from a variety of different backgrounds.


AAHYA is a non-profit welfare organization and a charity registered organization, providing a range of support services as well as cultural and religious services.

AAHYA Community

AAHYA works with the whole community, supporting both the family unit and the people within them, providing group workshops, casework, mental health support as well as child and youth programs.


During the extraordinarily tough times of the COVID-19 Pandemic Tommorow

Sayeed Karimi initiated a unique care package distribution designed to help migrants, refugees, individuals who had lost their job, and the vulnerable and elderly Australians. It has been one of the most effective initiatives, supporting over 500+ migrant refugees and asylum seekers, and more than 250 vulnerable Australians who were deeply affected by the global pandemic. The generosity of volunteers in organising, preparing and providing the care packages are reflective of Sayeed Karimi’s commitment to charity and compassion and are guiding values for the services provided by AAHYA.

Muhammad Rasulallah Islamic Centre


Indeed this month is a month of grief and tragedy for the Prophet (PBUH) and his holy household and at Muhammad Rasulallah Islamic Centre there is religious gatherings…

Religious Celebrations

It is of extreme importance that the Muslim community come together every once in a while, and at Muhammad Rasulallah Islamic Centre we hold programs to celebrate…

Community Dinner/Prayers

Every Tuesday evening commencing with Maghreb prayers, AAHYA holds Duaa Tawassul which is attended by many people from the community…

Our Services

AAHYA offers various programs for children and young people. These include self-defense classes like Girls’ Karate and Mixed Dai Fu, a Learn to Swim program during school holidays, and academic support through Study Support. AAHYA also organize Youth Camping trips to promote social interaction and well-being.

AAHYA’s SETS program helps newly arrived migrants and refugees settle in Australia. The program offers various services including English language classes, driving lessons, mental health support, and help finding employment. Bilingual staff can also assist with paperwork for housing, Centrelink, and immigration.

The Muhammad Rasulallah Islamic Centre offers programs to celebrate Islamic religious figures and bring the Muslim community together. AAHYA hold events such as community dinners and prayers, as well as a Ramadan program. The Centre also supports the community by offering a Dari language school to help young people maintain their cultural identity.

Every Friday, AAHYA distributes free food packages. AAHYA also helps pay for gas, electricity, and Telstra landline bills for those facing hardship. Additionally, AAHYA sponsor a program that allows people to reduce fines by volunteering or attending AAHYA courses.