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Our centre is available for hire for events and programs on a one-off or ongoing basis.

Please make an appointment to visit and inspect the venue with our staff. Fill in the attached booking form and contact our office or staff for venue availability and confirmation.

Kitchen hire

$ 120.00
per day

Main hall

$ 450.00
per day
  • Venue Capacity = 300-500 people

Room 1

$ 160.00
per day
  • Venue Capacity = 40-50 people

Room 2

$ 250.00
per day
  • Venue Capacity = 150-200 people

Features – tables, chairs, 2x whiteboards, toilets, microwave, outdoor area, hot water, fridge, air conditioning (excluding kitchen)

Please note that there are prohibitions for loud music and dancing inside the centre and is not allowed.