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AAHYA’s growth and success has been due to the support and tireless work of its volunteers. AAHYA has had many volunteers since it began and this way, we have maintained that we are a centre that is for the community, by the community. So many of our programs and events are made responsible due to their hard work and commitment, and we are proud that our volunteers play such a big role in helping our organisation run.

AAHYA COVID-19 Care Package

During extraordinary tough times we at AAHYA understand the community is in dire need of support. As a charitable organisation AAHYA provides the best possible solution for its community fellows and those of refugee and migrant backgrounds who are at the brink of becoming directly affected by the developing COVID-19 Corona Virus.

Today, our volunteers alongside with President Sayeed Karimi went out and provided food packages and first aid kits which is essential as the public community is under huge stress through the development of the COVID-19 Corona Virus. The first aid kit mainly consisted of face mask and gloves which is such an important asset to have. It is vital for the public to continue to follow the instructions of NSW health officials as they are here for your safety and well being.

For more information regarding the current COVID-19 Corona Virus, please visit here

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on 0450600845.

Australia Clean-Up Day

Every year, AAHYA assists the local Council by participating in Clean–Up Australia Day and focusing on the health of the surrounding environment. The first ever clean up Australia event that AAHYA and its volunteers participated in was in 2012 and since then it has grown to become a fun and safe way to bring the community together in a productive and educational way.

Emergency Relief Fund Overseas

Since 2012, every year during the Holy month of Ramadan, AAHYA has participated in charitable programs overseas to assist many disadvantaged families including widows and orphans. Each family is supported through food and supplies for the entire month of Ramadan. We at AAHYA aim far beyond our capacity however with the help of the community and our volunteers we always meet our expectations.

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