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It is of extreme importance that the Muslim community come together every once in a while, and at Muhammad Rasulallah Islamic Centre we hold programs to celebrate the births of important religious figures from the religion of Islam. Bringing together the community means a lot at AAHYA and each year all events and programs are held to demonstrate the community’s involvement with AAHYA and vice versa and how it spiritually, mentally and physically affects them. We have in the past had a lot of positive feedback regarding the events and programs that have been held and continue to inspire the community bring forward their thoughts.
  • Community Language School (Dari)

    10:00am-1:00pm every Sunday at Auburn Public School.

    The NSW Hassanian Community Language school was established with the purpose of helping young people to understand and maintain their language, cultural identity and traditions. With qualified teachers, it is a good way for the students to reflect upon their culture and ensure they keep a strong sense of their background and identity.

  • Community Dinner/Prayers

    Every Tuesday night during Maghrib prayers at the centre.

    Every Tuesday, the community is welcome to come to the centre for prayers, before having a free dinner of traditional Afghan food.

  • Ramadan Program

    Every year during Ramadan, the centre holds Iftar where the community can gather to break their fast and pray together. A sheikh is usually present for prayer and Quran recitation during this period as well.

    Please visit the The Muhammad Rasullah S.A.W. Islamic Centre page for more information.