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The Muhammad Rasulallah Islamic Centre was established in 2016. In the opening ceremony, the centre had nothing but a few chairs and tables. With hard work and dedication, it has transformed completely. There has been a lot of new features installed in the Muhammad Rasulallah Islamic Centre such as carpet, toilets, a kitchen, sound system, office space and classrooms with TVs for educational programs.

At the Muhammad Rasulallah Islamic Centre, we hold many cultural and religious events and programs such Eid prayers and celebrations of births of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his family. Prayers and prayer times are available every day throughout the whole year, brothers and sisters are welcome to come and pray.


Indeed this month is a month of grief and tragedy for the Prophet (PBUH) and his holy household and at Muhammad Rasulallah Islamic Centre there is religious gatherings to mourn the death of one of the greatest sacrifices in History, the death of Imam Hussain (as) and his 72 companions. During this month, the gathering begins with Maghreb prayers and continues for 10-13 nights and after each gathering there is catering for the attendants.

Religious Celebrations

It is of extreme importance that the Muslim community come together every once in a while, and at Muhammad Rasulallah Islamic Centre we hold programs to celebrate the births of important religious figures from the religion of Islam. Bringing together the community means a lot at AAHYA and each year all events and programs are held to demonstrate the community’s involvement with AAHYA and vice versa and how it spiritually, mentally and physically affects them. We have in the past had many positive feedbacks regarding the events and programs that have been held and continue to inspire the community bring forward their thoughts.

Community Dinner/Prayers

Every Tuesday evening commencing with Maghreb prayers, AAHYA holds Duaa Tawassul which is attended by many people from the community as it is a beneficial supplication that spiritually guides those who recite it. Then following the Maghreb prayers, we have dinner for all the attendants.