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2022 AAHYA International Aid relief. As times progress there is a growing concern in major parts of the world with countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen and many more countries with its people facing extremely poor living conditions and fleeing due to war and terror. AAHYA is continuing its support to many refugee and asylum seeker families and children by either direct funding, food relief, or referrals to major international organisations. Below shows the work that AAHYA is undertaking for many people around the poor regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan and soon hope to achieve many other countries who are suffering from poverty and forceful removal.

Ahmad Rais, a young Afghan boy who suffers from Brain Tumour was in dire need of medical operation but his parents were not able to pay for the costs. AAHYA funded this young boy to get proper medical attention and operation.

Kidney transplant for Seyyed Ali Shah who is a man with both kidney failures and
was in need of a Kidney Transplant.

2022 International aid and support to Bayati Zahra Madrasa in Afghanistan. AAHYA
assisted the school with equipment’s such as educational materials and heating
for the children to attend school during the cold winter in Afghanistan.


2022 Ramadan International Fund relief to Ghazni, Afghanistan Rd 1.

2022 Ramadan International Aid relief to Herat, Afghanistan Rd 2.

2022 AAHYA Water Well Project in Afghanistan


2022 Afghanistan Earthquake Appeal

2022 AAHYA Qurbani Distribution Rd 1.


2022 AAHYA Qurbani Distribution Rd 2.

2022 international aid relief to Tagab Male High School in Afghanistan Water Well Project

2022 international fund aid to Muhammad Rasulallah Mosque in Ghazni, Afghanistan!!

2022 AAHYA Flood Disaster Relieif Pakistan

2022 AAHYA Flood Disaster Relief Afghanistan

International aid and relief to Benyamin Ahmadi, in Mazar, Afghanistan!! The Australian Afghan Hassanian Youth Association (AAHYA) provided funds to, Benyamin Ahmadi, a little boy from Mazar, Afghanistan, whom was recently diagnosed with neoplasm cancer. Unfortunately, his family had no funds to get him checked out and treated.

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